The story follows two undercover agents Riko Ikazuchi and her junior partner Noma, who are infiltrating an apartment that is also the hideout of a criminal organization. They pretend to be newlyweds. However, when the culprits do not hear noise from them at night, they get suspicious. In order to convince the culprits that they are a married in couple in love, they start to touch and make some noise... Despite feelings of humiliation and pleasure throughout the undercover investigations, Riko endures it and devotes herself to her justice.

Género: Animación

Actores: Sahomi Koyama, Jun Osuka


País: Japan

Duración: 49 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2023

しーくれっとみっしょん~潜入捜査官は絶対に負けない!~ (TV Series 2023) - IMDb  5.4