La peccatrice del deserto

A caravan guarded by Roman soldiers comes across a woman bound to a stake and left to die. A wealthy merchant who hired the caravan is against taking The Woman along, but the commander of the soldiers, Verrus, overrules him. Verrus tries to get friendly with her, promising all kinds of wealth for her favors. The caravan encounters a group of Jdean refugees fleeing from King Herod's orders to kill all male children. They are on their way to Egypt with a male child with them. The Merchant begins to ponder the reward that would be paid by the King and orders The Woman to seduce a Roman guard to enable the messenger to get away. When the King's soldiers show up, Verrus refuses to surrender the refugees. Then the sand hits the fan.

Duración: 81 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 1959

La peccatrice del deserto (1959) - IMDb  6