Karneval zvířat

Men and women, all dressing up, awaiting, tempting, enjoying the bliss or sadly unsuccessful. Delights of the body, yearning, excitement, luxury, decadence, erotic of the common day. The erotic as frivolous, mischievous, frolic, comic and sometimes also slightly serious animated musical erotic fantasy. Much like the modern dance art, the film is marked by interplay of the visual and musical components – picture, rhythm, color, motion. The film consists of separate sequences, each of them accompanied by individual musical movements of Mr. Saint-Saens’s compo­sition.

Género: Animación


Director: Michaela Pavlátová

País: Czech Republic

Duración: 8 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2006

Karneval zvířat (2006) - IMDb  8