До Нового года осталось…

New Year is a kind of milestone, the moment of summing up, making decisions. New Year is a new beginning, time to dream, make wishes and wait for miracles ... While all of Moscow is buying up gifts and decorating Christmas trees, Denis is desperately trying to manage to open the bar by December 31 and prove his worth to his father. Irina is more and more immersed in work, trying not to notice either the decorated office, or the approaching holidays, or her own loneliness. Nastya is a first-year student, all alone in a strange Moscow, misses her mother, works in a cafe and, smiling with all her strength, brings people joy and coffee. Sveta is Snegurochka, and to whom, how could she not be happy about the New Year and give others a festive mood, but she’s not going smoothly either: her beloved husband is completely immersed in the world of computer games and does not notice either his son, or Sveta, or reality.

Duración: 75 minutos

Calidad: HD

Lanzamiento: 2019

До Нового года осталось… (2019) - IMDb  6